“Each of us has two ends: one to sit with, one to think with.
Success depends on which one you use; heads you win — tails you lose.”
~Anonymous, humor and wisdom greatly appreciated~

As a child, I used to play card game after card game, Crazy Eights, Old Maid, Hearts, Spoons, etc., with my beloved Aunt Myrtle. Each match, she made me create a strategy from what I was dealt. Even if one round went badly, the game kept going, round after round. Even the worst hand could end up winning with some luck and a solid focus.

What Aunt Myrtle’s child’s play taught me about life:

1. Quit tolerating mediocre. To attract the results I want, I must commit the time and space to learn the rules of the game to receive the results I want.

2. Choices will hold me accountable. Before I act, I will know my intention and desired outcome(s).

3. Stay focused. Most problems are solved the same way; it’s just the details that are different.

4. Stop wasting time on the shoulda, coulda, and what-ifs of life. Know that I can let go, to go in the direction I want.

5. Think from multiple points of view at the same time. Imagination and creative thinking drive results. Results drive outcomes.

6. Do not force an outcome. Outcomes may arrive differently than I expect. I will leave room for luck to amaze me and be grateful when it does.

7. Implement your plan in a direction that is simple and flexible.

8. Play win-win regardless of who wins. It’s a game of hearts. Dismiss the glass-half-full or half-empty perspective. I have a glass. Share it.

Regardless of the game’s name, the best (and worst) part of the game is it’s up to me (and maybe a bit of luck) to get the results I want.

Thank you, Aunt Myrtle, so far, so good.

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A previous version was published in a book written by Sharon Sayler titled ‘Life’s Short. Live Passionately.’