I offer a full range of keynotes around better communication skills

My team at Competitive Edge Communications helps organizations of all types and sizes successfully develop the communication and team skills necessary for top-performing sales, management, leadership development, and teams to meet and exceed company goals…

Rebecca Miller

Sharon did a great job presenting to our eWomen Network Chapter. All of the attendees were really interested in her topic of Body Language. Sharon did a great job relating to the audience and keeping them engaged. I just wish she had had a longer amount of time to present! She has a wealth of knowledge that is invaluable and I highly recommend her as a speaker.

All The Right Moves: Creating Collaboration and Trust Non-Verbally

Designed to build on the success of the professional managers, sales leaders, and teams to optimize their influence and persuasion skills quickly and easily by having their nonverbal message truly align with their verbal message.

During this experiential training attendees will learn nonverbal communication techniques and research-based leadership and communication principles to immediately bring out their best and to inspire and influence the best in others. Attendees will leave with an understanding of how to:

  • Build safety and trust with others without saying a word
  • Express their point of view in a way the invites collaboration and strengthens relationships with messages that speak to the listeners’ minds and engage their emotions
  • Feel completely comfortable and in control speaking to anyone, anywhere, anytime
  • Proven techniques of gesture, posture, and voice to increase their confidence, charisma, influence and credibility.

After this session attendees will have in hand a series of well-defined simple techniques so easy to use that they will feel natural and in control of any conversation almost instantly…. you could even show your SMEs how to release their natural charisma. Imagine SMEs transformed into VIPs almost instantly….

The Nonverbal Secrets of Persuasion

Perfect for anyone that must influence or motivate others such as leaders, managers, sales, speakers, consultants.

Increase your influence and persuasion skills quickly and easily by having your nonverbal message align with your verbal message.

Your Organizations Return On Investment:

  • Develop a culture based on respectful communication
  • Knowing what words to listen for that will motivate change
  • Increased understanding on how to inspire to achieve goals
  • Getting individuals to step up and take ownership of desired outcomes

How To Deal With Difficult Situations, Co-workers and Clients

Ideal if you work in customer service, sales, manage others, work in high-stress environments or need to help others get along.

There seems to be more stress, pressure and conflict in the workplace then ever before. As budgets tighten, layoffs happen, and higher productivity is expected, tempers inevitably flare. Learn when to communicate (or not), and how to save yourself through verbal and nonverbal self-defense when handling volatile people and information. Master a calm presence in the face of conflict and crisis.

Your Organization’s Return On Investment:

  • Discovering why some people are difficult and how to transform their behavior without drama
  • Learning to quickly identify people’s hidden objections eliminating wasted time and productivity
  • Creating an environment in which people value honesty, transparency, and results.

How To Get Things Done By Team or Committee

Helping team members from a wide range of backgrounds and goals make high-quality decisions together without taking too long can seem daunting unless you align your words with your nonverbal communication to accelerate change and motivate others.

Your Organizations Return On Investment

  • Inspired motivation for achieving organizational and individual goals
  • Increased emphasis on working together to achieve common vision
  • Promote self-leadership and getting individuals to step up and take ownership of desired outcomes

How To Talk To Be Heard

Ideal if you are a service professional, work in sales, anyone that needs to feel comfortable talking about sensitive issues.  

The conversations you have with potential customers are 53% of the reason customers choose you over your competition. That’s more than price, brand, and product quality combined! Have you tried other sales and networking training only to find they don’t work? It doesn’t take high pressure, manipulation or force… It takes something else. It takes knowing how to easily talk to the DECIDING MIND…that’s the one that says “I have to have that!.”

Your Organizations Return On Investment

  • Greater rapport and customer engagement boosting trust and buy-in
  • Creates long-term customer relationship with a higher degree of referrals
  • Instantly change the question “How much do you charge?” into a discovery of value.
  • The skills to build safety, trust, and permission immediately.

How To Deliver Bad News In A Good Way

Absolutely necessary if you give performance reviews, feedback or deliver bad news of any type and don’t want to be the “messenger that gets shot.”

Learn how to save yourself through verbal and nonverbal self-defense when handling volatile people and information. Master a calm presence in the face of conflict and crisis.

Learn how to eloquently communicate your ideas, opinions, even bad news so people trust you, believe you… including responding in your favor even in the midst of conflict.

You will learn:

  • How to identify the dynamics of difficult situations and people
  • How to advocate your point of view without harming your relationships
  • How to spot when things are getting emotional and make it safe again
  • How to listen and really understand others’ point of view