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Radio Interviews on Body Language and the Presidential Debates

Listen in to the great time with Mark and Dave from my hometown station KEX 1190 AM

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Listen into my interview with Mike & Mandy on WRVR, 104.5 The River, Memphis

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Sharon Sayler on The Authors Show

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Interview with Gab with the Gurus Connie Bennett:
Sharon Sayler on How to Master Your Body’s Messages


Today, you’ll learn from communications success strategist Sharon Sayler — author of “What Your Body Says” — how to master the messages your body sends. Sharon, who trains, counsels and coaches professionals on how to become stronger, more influential communicators and leaders, teaches people how to communicate with confidence and clarity by matching their verbals and nonverbals to create messages that produce successful outcomes. In her new book and in this Gab with the Gurus Radio Show, Sharon will help you to: * Become aware of signals you’re sending, both intentionally and unintentionally, and their effects; * Understand and use gestures to convey intention, relationships, information, influence and expectations; * Use your gestures, eyes, tone of voice and more; and * Combine the different tools into a highly effective communication style.


Interview for Streamline Success by Holly Chantal :
Instant Sales IQ: Instantly Boost Your Credibility, Confidence and Influence with Just a Few Secret Learn how your body language could be inadvertently destroying your direct sales success!

Guest on Holly Chantal’s Radio Show “Streamlined Success” Do any of these sound familiar in your direct sales business? Getting up to share your products, your passion and purpose makes you weak in the knees Every time you try to close the sale or book a party you feel “pushy” You know WHAT to say, just not HOW to get your ideas and products taken seriously… If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, then join Holly Chantal and Sharon Sayler for ways to magically transform interested prospects into invested hostesses and recruits on-the-spot and leave both you and them feeling good about it with simple, easy to use nonverbal techniques from Sharon’s new book What Your Body Says (and how to master the message)


Interview for Mindset for Marketing Success by Loren Fogelman: Influential and persuasive communication without saying a word

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