RainToday.com’s Podcast with Sharon Sayler: Marketing & Selling Professional Services

You know body language can affect personal relationships, but have you stopped to consider how it and other non-verbal communication can affect your sales results and your relationships with clients? People respond on a primal level to how you say and do things, says Sharon Sayler, author of the new book What Your Body Says,(and how to master the message) so it’s important you do things that draw people to you, not push them away.What Your Body Says by Sharon Sayler

“I think the number one thing people don’t think about in conversations is their breathing. If we’re breathing high and very nervous in a situation, people will wonder why. They’ll think, ‘Are we in danger and nobody has told me? Should I be cautious?’ So if we’re breathing anxiously or nervously when we first meet someone, they’re set up to be on guard.”

Listen as Sharon talks about the other big non-verbal mistake people make, gives examples in which negative body language affected business interactions, and outlines how to use non-verbal communication to make people feel good about you and want to do business with you.

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