I woke up to a beautiful sunrise – the perfect end to another wonderful week. It was one of those times to slow down and spend just a few minutes breathing it in….

What made this a wonderful, wonder-filled week?

Monday, I got to share with Marla Tabaka’s Million Dollar Mindset Radio Show audience immediately useful tips on how to finally get others to buy into your ideas. If you didn’t get a chance to hear us live, you can listen to the recording of “If Your Ideas Are So Good, How Come Nobody Is Listening?” at: http://tinyurl.com/aybkobu  

Emanuel from the Netherlands wrote me after the show to say he had enjoyed all the amazing tips Marla and I talked about, but was wondering where to start? I know when you want to try everything at once, it can feel overwhelming.

My suggestion is BREATHE. Sit for a moment and breathe, then pick the first tip that pops in your mind and play with it. Yes, play. Play works better than practice. Breathing and playing will quickly shift your perspective.

Speaking of play, I got to “play” Tuesday and Wednesday in Fort Lauderdale  with a Fortune 100 company – showing them the advanced skills of How To Deal With Difficult People Without Saying a Word.

You’ve probably already noticed when you find difficult people in your world, that your nonverbals can enflame or defuse any difficult situation.  You may have also noticed that your immediate response when you have to deal with difficult people is a moment of overwhelm.

The first step to minimize your response to anything (or anyone) “difficult” is to BREATHE.  Breathing low, (filling the whole belly) slow and comfortably will quickly reset your thoughts towards finding solutions.

And the cherry-on-top to a wonder-filled week was…yesterday, I chatted with the publisher, editors and journalists from the South Florida Business Journal.

You know, I’m introverted and a tad bit, okay more than a tad, shy. So how was I able to have morning tea with this dynamic group of people?

I went into that opportunity focused on my breathing. Keeping a constant, fresh supply of oxygen to my brain cells is what kept me focused.

See how handy breathing can be (especially when you consider the alternative to not breathing) one practical and immediate solution for three different types of overwhelm.

So take a moment right now and BREATHE.

To Success! To Life!