It was o-dark thirty. I needed to make my flight and there I was, standing with my arm outstretched trying to find hot water. The “H” handle was refusing to send hot water!  Maybe they are mislabeled? Nope, the “C” handle was exactly what it said it was, even though I really, really wished it had been mislabeled.

Why do things have to be so complicated – all I wanted was a little hot water shower.  Showers with two knobs, others one, some have a stopper, or a spout while others have a lever the must be turned, pulled out, pushed in, flipped, then there was this one….  Try as I might, fiddling, twisting one off and the other on, waiting with my arm reaching into the cold water, yet nothing worked. I finally figured out that you have to turn a ring on the bottom of the tub spout to get the shower, never did get hot water.

So it truly was a cold shower the other morning. Why am I telling this crazy tale? Standing there naked, muttering aloud about the confounded faucet just capped a week where it was my lesson to learn we sure over-complicate our lives.

Assignment to self: Simple really is better. My personal KISS is Keep it simple, Sharon. What is your idea for keeping it simple? Share with me in the comments section below.

Speaking of simple, my website for the book is up – WooHoo! Not that the techie part was simple, but Adam makes it look simple. Great Job Adam!  The simple part is we are adding resources and video tips daily to create a one-stop resource for quality communication, both verbal and nonverbal.  We are continuing to create neat stuff for you and are looking for even more.  If you have any tips or ideas your would like to share, drop me a note.

Also, wanted you to know about my friend Shel Horowitz’s new book Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green. I met Shel few months ago when he was a guest on our radio show, Beyond Lip Service. Just a few of Shel’s principles I found engaging were:

• Nice guys don’t finish last–they finish first
• Being a Green, eco-friendly business is *more* profitable
• Customers, suppliers, and even competitors can do a whole lot of your marketing for you

For Shel, core principles like these above aren’t just something you have to do because it’s the right thing, or simply to stay out of jail. They are actually the cornerstones of success–and many well-known companies prove him right every day, showing that you can make a profit and still hold your head up high. Shel impressed me so much during our interview, I wanted to help him spread the word when his latest book came out.

Please visit to purchase this book. There Shel has links to your choice of retailer, with prices starting at $14.93 (list price is $21.95). No matter where you buy the book (local bookstore, your favorite online retailer, or directly from Shel–which gives you the option of an autographed copy), consider registering your purchase on his bonus page and see why the book went to press with more than 50 endorsements, including such marketing legends as Mark Joyner, Fern Reiss, Chris Brogan, and Michael Port–not to mention Green gurus like Joel Makower and Jacquelyn Ottman and Stephen M.R. Covey (author of The Speed of Trust) wrote the foreword. Hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

Have a great day whatever your adventure