If over 50% of our communication is nonverbal, shouldn’t you know the REAL message you are sending?


All The Right Moves: Creating Collaboration and Trust Non-Verbally

Available as Keynote or Workshop

Designed to build on the success of the professional managers, sales leaders and teams to optimize their influence and persuasion skills quickly and easily by having their nonverbal message truly align with their verbal message.

During this experiential session attendees will learn nonverbal communication techniques and research-based leadership and communication principles to immediately bring out their best and to inspire and influence the best in others. Attendees will leave with an understanding of how to:

  • Build safety and trust with others without saying a word
  • Express their point of view in a way the invites collaboration and strengthens relationships with messages that speak to the listeners’ minds and engage their emotions
  • Feel completely comfortable and in control speaking to anyone, anywhere, anytime
  • Proven techniques of gesture, posture and voice to increase their confidence, charisma, influence and credibility.

After this session attendees will have in hand a series of well-defined simple techniques so easy to use that they will feel natural and in control of any conversation almost instantly…. you could even show your SMEs how to release their natural charisma. Imagine SMEs transformed into VIPs almost instantly….

Training Objective:  To optimize clear communication that facilitates collaboration, ethically influences decision makers /stakeholders and aids in establishing ongoing sales/client relationships filled with trust and satisfied, repeat customers.

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