• If You Feel Your Inability To Ask For The Cash Is Holding You Back…
    • If you are an entrepreneur who wants to grow your business…
    • If you manage a sales team, or if you are a service provider and just can’t get people to buy…


Isn’t it time to…

Learn to talk to the DECIDING MIND…. with the Cash Conversation. (that’s the one that says “I have to have that!”)

It doesn’t take high pressure, manipulation or force… It takes something else. It takes a step-by-step system that allows for the natural development of the trust factor. Just imagine hearing, time and again, “I’ve got to work with YOU, I’ve got to have that!” The Cash Conversation is a system that doesn’t leave those you talk with in a negative state or feeling pressured to buy from you. They want to work with you!!

The conversations you have with potential customers are 53% of the reason customers choose you over your competition.
That’s more than price, brand, and product quality combined!

There are 4 simple parts to the Cash Conversation method: Chat, Choice, Consider, and Commit — that’s it!

The benefits of using The Cash Conversation method include:

  • Greater rapport and engagement
  • Boosting trust and buy-in
  • Increasing likelihood of long-term coaching
  • Higher degree of referrals
  • Fewer client management headaches

At the end of the training you will be able to  ~

  • Generate new clients any time you need to boost your cash flow.
  • Instantly change the question “How much do you charge?” into a discovery of value and investment. A little secret, this value is not about the price for what they get. It’s in uncovering what they value. And the best part is you already know what that is through the cash conversation.
  • Dramatically increase income by knowing exactly what to do and say so those ideal clients hire you without having to be pushy or inauthentic.
  • Know what body language sabotages your success and what creates greater rapport and quickly builds trust. Did you know that holding your chin just 1/2 inch in the wrong direction will make you appear pushy and 1/2 inch in another direction makes you appear inauthentic?
  • Sell more of your products and enroll people in your workshops.
  • Know how to stop sabotaging your expertise by stumbling over yourself each time you do talk about money.
  • Build permission, safety, and trust without saying a word. Did you know that if you lean in at just the right moment, the person you are talking with feels heard and liked.
  • Confidently share what you do and the benefits of your service in a way that results in ideal, high-paying clients a high percentage of the time.
  • Use proven techniques of mindset, gesture, posture, and voice to increase your influence and rapport with ease when it comes time to ask for the cash. One factor to remember is not to let your voice trail off at the end.
  • Easily present compelling offerings that are not at all “salesy”, but instead are totally irresistible.

The Cash Conversation is more than a sales training….. 

Bottom line, how you talk about money is how you talk about any emotional or sensitive issue.  In The Cash Conversation, money is the metaphor for any difficult conversation….

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