How To Deal With Difficult People In The Workplace

Available as Keynote or Workshop

There’s more stress, pressure and conflict in the workplace then ever before. As budgets tighten, layoffs happen, and higher productivity is expected, tempers inevitably flare whether it’s with team members or customers.  

With How To Deal With Difficult People you will learn when to communicate (or not), and how to save yourself through verbal and nonverbal self-defense when handling volatile people and information. Master a calm presence in the face of conflict and crisis.

This keynote, virtual or hands-on workshop reveals how to eloquently communicate your ideas and opinions so people trust you, believe you… including  respond in your favor even in the midst of conflict.  The workshops include using Sharon’s acclaimed Seven Characters of  Conflict and their Cheat Sheets that tell you step-by-step how to deal with each of the seven archetypes. 

Attendees will learn:

  • How to identify the dynamics of difficult situations and people
  • Bully CardsHow to rise above excuses and complaining in the midst of change
  • How to advocate your point of view without harming your relationships
  • How to spot when things are getting emotional and make it safe again
  • How to get people to open up and tell you the real truth about their feelings
  • How to listen and really understand others’ point of view
  • How to define a mutual intent that will inspire action

Your Organization’s Return On Investment:

  • Discovering why some people are difficult and how to transform their behavior without drama
  • Learning to quickly identify people’s hidden objections eliminates wasted time and productivity
  • Creating an environment in which people value honesty, transparency, and results.

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