Instant IQ: Nonverbal Secrets of Persuasion

Available as Keynote or Workshop

Instant IQ as in your Influence Quotient! Increase your influence and persuasion skills quickly and easily by having your nonverbal message align with your verbal message.

What if you could feel completely comfortable and in control speaking to anyone (or 1000s), anytime, anyplace leaving them spellbound and in awe of you and your ideas?

Sharon’s principles and research-based leadership and communications techniques can be used immediately to bring out your best and to inspire and influence the best in others. During this powerhouse training with Sharon on strategic communication and how your nonverbal communication is affecting others you and/or your group will learn to:

  • Release your SMEs natural public speaking talents – transform them into VIPs
  • Feel completely comfortable and in control speaking to anyone
  • Build safety and trust with others without saying a word
  • Create messages that speak to listeners hearts and minds
  • Use proven techniques of gesture, posture, voice to increase their influence and confidence.
  • Develop strong relationships based on respectful communication

Your Organizations Return On Investment

  • Develop a culture based on respectful communication
  • Skills to promote self-leadership
  • Increased understanding on working together to achieve company vision
  • Getting individuals to step up and take ownership of the desired outcomes

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