PITs: The Three Variables to Good Teamwork

Available as Keynote or Workshop

There are three variables that influence any team: Power, Information and Time. Without understanding the outside variables that influence teamwork it is difficult for a group to achieve productive results in spite of an efficient process and proper workflow. Effective teams must first understand what characteristics are necessary to build a good and efficient team.

Your attendees will learn step by step how to produce a game plan that ensures they’ll reach the team’s objectives and goals by understanding the:

  • Essential techniques to keep high achievers inspired and a team player
  • Ways to diffuse conflict before it infects the entire group
  • Strategies to deal with pressure before it escalates
  • The Motivation Secrets to getting things done on time and on budget
  • The 5 powerful actions that must occur in every team
  • The difference between power and influence
  • How to win respect as a leader and what to do when challenged
  • When and how to develop the team ‘lineup”

Your Organizations Return On Investment

  • Create a culture of teamwork emphasizing being the best team, and everyone coming out on top.
  • Building a positive, upbeat working environment that promotes achievement
  • Becoming a more focused and goal-oriented team
  • Improving moralé by becoming “can do” people that avoid the pitfalls of teamwork

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