Maximize team performance:  How to get things done by team or committee 

Available as Keynote or Workshop

Decision-making, problem-solving, project management and prioritizing can add to the frustrations of teamwork.

Helping team members from a wide range of backgrounds and goals make high-quality decisions together without taking too long can seem daunting. However, studies consistently show that once teams know the strengths and skills of its members and learn to harness group knowledge and differing perspectives, they quickly shift to a high function team, utilizing all the strengths to get things done no more death by committee (or team).

Maximize team performance

Getting Things Done With Teamwork walks the team through a discovery process, step-by-step, using the team’s real issues if possible. Workshops vary from half-day, full-day or two-days depending on the nature, size and functionally of the group. Getting Things Done With Teamwork covers skills for:

Identify strengths—Understanding each team members strengths and weaknesses using assessments and participation games.

— Problem-solving—Clarifying the problem, gathering information and quantifying creative solutions.

— Decision-making—Helping the team choose the best solution in ways that maximize team and stakeholder support.

— Prioritizing—Deciding the order in which problems need to be tackled to ensure optimal use of the organization’s time and money while causing the least possible stress on the team.

— Implementation—showing how individuals take ownership and get things done.

In this fun group participation experience your attendees will not only learn to maximize every team members strengths and talents by understanding communication patterns they will learn:

  • How to identify the two main types of people on a team and why you want both
  • How to have everyone participate and feel valuable
  • Why some people play to lose and others play to win on teams
  • Ways to diffuse conflict before it infects the entire group
  • The Motivation Secrets to getting things done on time and on budget

Your Organizations Return On Investment

  • A renewed motivation for achieving organizational and individual goals.
  • Increased emphasis on team-building and working together to achieve the vision.
  • Promoting self-leadership and getting individuals to step up and take ownership of the desired outcomes.

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