Recently, I had the opportunity to meet Mary Ann Masur Singer. She shares these wonderful (and short) Leadership Tips every Monday. Her one on Courage, below, has a message I think is worth repeating here for my readers.

Even though the list of what makes a great leader is long, in my experience working with leaders, the most important one is COURAGE. It is said that Aristotle said, “Courage is the first of human qualities because it is the quality which guarantees the others.”

I hope you enjoy Mary Ann’s thoughts on Courage as much as I do.

To Success! To Life!


Courage and Leadership

Courage is a word we hear often when discussing cancer patients, firefighters and police officers. We don’t hear it frequently enough when it comes to leadership.

Courage comes from a French translation meaning “rage of the heart.” It originated with horses who had to jump over something. In order to do so successfully, they have to send their heart over the fence first and then the body follows.

Courage is often a leap of faith. We take action leading with our heart. We act in the face of fear, doubt or uncertainty, not in its absence.

Leadership requires courage.
Courage to:
  • Have difficult conversations
  • Make bold choices
  • Take a stand
  • Stay true to our values
  • To make a change
These actions require that we are true to our hearts and that we trust and follow them. As leaders, jumping over obstacles, like horses jumping over fences, necessitates leading with courage.

MaryAnnMasurSingerMary Ann Masur Singer, Executive Coach and Creator of the SYNergy Success Coaching System, works with teams and individuals who are overwhelmed at the helm to be effective and fulfilled. She helps teams get results by increasing their positivity and productivity. Mary Ann also speaks at conferences and keynotes and facilitates advances. Learn more about Mary Ann at