ZurichWell, my first several days in Europe have been amazing and a bit of a blur.  I’m slowly getting over the 9-hour time change!

I was up at o-dark thirty today (as my sons like to call it), whisking my way to Zurich on the high-speed train from Paris.

I always eat my way through Paris and I hear Zurich is another great city for incredible food.  Thank goodness, many European cities are perfect walking cities.
Shortly after leaving the city lights of Paris, the darkness is pierced by the first rays of morning glowing pink against the clouds above.  A perfect sunrise that makes getting up for an early departure completely worth it.  I am so not a morning person.  Both the day and I awaken together, as the pink dawn turns golden and on to intense blue.
It’s a storybook view. Stone walls and arched bridges dot the green countryside. Each village has its own ancient stone steeple marking its place in the sky and rolling hills dotted with cows, sheep, whitewashed stone cottages and red tile roofs go by.
I notice the patterns of the culture slowly change from French to Swiss. The land looks the same, yet the houses show more wood and less stone, they’re more precise and less organic. Even the village churches’ round pointed steeples change to square bell towers.
As we pull into another village stop, I see a name, “Abfahrt.” A gentleman boards, wanders over to the vacant seat across from mine and says something I cannot understand.
I presume it to be Swiss. It has a Germanic crispiness but isn’t German… and it’s unlike the flowing pattern of French. I smile, raise my palm, open and up, in an outward sweeping movement toward the seat. He immediately sits down.
Obviously, we both understand the message of the up-facing, open palm gesture of welcome, community and connection.
It always amazes me that we may be worlds apart with our verbal language, but not all that different in our understanding.
Have a great day whatever your adventures. Life’s too short not to make it an adventure.
To Success! To Life!
P.S. A little tattling on myself: I’m here in Zurich now ready to send this email and decided to make sure I was correct on the village name. I quickly google “Abfahrt” only to find that it means the equivalent of “destination”. So, we will just have to use our imagination as to where the gentleman boarded.
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