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Hey, I know… I hear it a lot… many business owners today feel overwhelmed, overworked, burnt-out and tired of trying to figure it all out.  Sometimes  you can get so engrossed in "figuring-it-out," things can be overlooked—the "not being able to see the forest, but for the trees syndrome…"  I bring you an extremely valuable resource — a different perspective. I care about my clients and their businesses, but I don’t have the same emotional attachment or overwhelm by your family commitments, day-to-day details and company breakdowns, as you do….

Studies show less than 13% of family companies successfully make it through the third generation.

My clients all have a few things in common: they are family oriented, really want to work with their family, they are ambitious, they embrace the opportunity to grow, and a strong desire to design their business and life on their own terms.   A life balanced between business and family is important to them, and they are willing to invest in the fulfillment of their dreams. If you can relate and are looking for a team-member to be in your corner, consider a business coach.

Why a business coach?  Have you ever asked yourself—

  • How can I be fair to family members not in the business?
  • How do we develop better communications?
  • How do I find, select and retain qualified staff—family or  not?
  • How do I pick the next leader?
  • How do I hold family members accountable?
  • How do I keep the family together, but deal in a professional manner?

Coaching is a support system based in powerful, action-oriented conversations, brainstorming, planning and implementing. It provides accountability, a sounding board, and a safe place to brainstorm. Coaching allows you to confront challenges, overcome fears and explore opportunities. We assist families in focusing on and working through family business issues of Conflict Resolution, Communication, Growth and Strategic Planning. 

Courage Under Fire Coaching is based on the four "C’s":

  • Gaining Clarity to know who you are and what you want
  • Maintaining Commitments of follow through and taking action
  • Developing Confidence to take one action step after another to Success
  • Moving through life with Courage as you transform the present into the Future You Deserve!


Just like with top performing athletics, shouldn’t you have a coach? 

Sharon Sayler and Michael Port "Sharon Sayler combines uniquely insightful behavioral and communication coaching skills with the Book Yourself Solid system making her the  choice for professionals, business owners and executives who want to design their own life — with her unique set of tools you can quickly become more effective and compelling in your business and personal life.”   
— Michael Port

If your goal is to perform at your best and achieve what you want in life, sooner rather than later consider that it’s more than ‘coaching,’ it is about creating…creating the success you want…in your business…in your life. 

Coaching is a powerful tool for change. Get unstuck. Set and achieve goals.  Sharon’s coaching is a safe space to explore your options and opportunites in life. Create a new vision or mission, overcome obstacles, conquer fears, dream and achieve.  Unleash your potential. Bring joy back into your life.

Why coaching?  First, coaching is not therapy. It is…

  • The accountability that most of us need to keep us on track.
  • An outside observer that can offer a different perspective.
  • Conversation that creates Synergy that creates Momentum = Your Goals.
  • Brings the experience of others, new ideas and skills = Your Success.

Running any business is tough enough, but as you know, when the dynamics of family are introduced, it creates a whole new set of challenges. Just a few of the benefits of coaching are being able to sort through your opportunities in a safe, non-judgmental environment, gain clarity and make purposeful, strategic decisions. Imagine how your business and life may change as you breakthrough obstacles, and experience greater success.  Coaching will help you:

  • Clarify your vision and purpose
  • Negotiate more effectively
  • Solve problems
  • Identify and take advantage of opportunities
  • Increase business revenues and personal income
  • Design a plan of action
  • Reach previously-unattained goals
  • Make decisions quicker
  • Make a major transition
  • Communicate clearly and confidently, even in difficult situations

In addition to these areas, we work together to:

  • Implement a plan of action, working through changes, fears and obstacles as they appear
  • Maintain a healthy balance between your personal and professional life
  • Keep looking ahead to take advantage of opportunities on the horizon
  • Experience your business potential and a quality family life
  • Stay focused on your and your family needs, values, and vision

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Sharon Sayler is a Certified Book Yourself Solid Coach personally trained by Michael Port.
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