Oh “No!” Your mouth just said, “Yes” when inside you’re still screaming, “Say No! Say No!”

Now you’re stuck… and once again you find yourself asking, “Why do people have to be so demanding, so difficult? Can’t they see I’m busy?”

As your inner voice is screaming “If you say ‘No,’ they’re not going to like you, they’ll be upset… as the inner critic chimes in with, “You idiot, you fool… you should have seen it coming… what’s wrong with you? What did I do to deserve this? What makes me so gullible?”

What a pickle! Now you have to say “no” to something else. So do you say no to sleep, exercise, or those understanding friends and family who once again are the ones you have to disappoint, all because you didn’t say no?

Until you value your ‘yes’ you’ll never know the value of your ‘no.’

What are your who, what, wheres’ that are most important to you?