Beyond Lip Service welcomes Melissa Zollo! Her communication secret is one many share — to listen — yet Melissa, has her own unique way of understanding how we listen. Listen moment to moment, stripping away preconceived ideas of what we should hear and what we should respond with.
Her dynamic methods teach us to understand our accepted beliefs as error-patterns, once understood at the conscious level we can give full attention to educating ourselves in ways and beliefs that would better serve us.

Surrender that belief – use your inner resources to master your feelings. Break free, your destiny is not controlled by your thoughts. This is a misuse of our imagination.
Listen in on our interview, learn more about harnessing the power if your imagination and Melissa Zollo, imagist, (imagination and law of attraction specialist), is the author of Discover the Power of Imagination – Melissa’s Secrets on the Law of Vibration CD program, and How to Unleash the Power Within and Attract Money audio programs.

After a serious and debilitating accident in 1992, she survived and rebuilt her life using the Power of her Imagination and Spiritual Principles. If one is thinking of using their Imagination creatively and wants to put the Law of Attraction into motion for successful results, then Melissa Zollo is the person who will help you achieve your goal. Melissa has a tremendous ability to inspire people and motivate them to rise up in consciousness, and attract results. Her clients call her the “how to lady”.

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