The bell rings to start the fight! The crowd is roaring to cheer on the contender they want to win, Perception or Communication. They are evenly challenged though their strengths reside in different areas, this will be a good fight!

Perception leads the way in affecting emotions, capitalizing on the senses and influencing word of mouth. Communication leads the way in providing information, exchanging ideas, involves all parts of the body, and is a part of every form of media.


Perception has the ability to alter how people receive and interpret various communications and their meaning because it is based on past experiences and beliefs.  While appearance and tone have more affect on how communication is perceived more than by what is actually said.


This whole fight is destructive! Perception and Communication should be working together but they often they end up working against each other resulting in the boxing match above. Communication within the company should be shaping and supporting the perception of the company and the perception should be a reflection of the effectiveness of the communication.


The misconceptions of businesses are well oiled machines that will always work often leads a company into situations of duality. Duality causes divisions and creates tension around all of the wrong areas. In order to win this fight, companies need to recognize that they too have an organic makeup and one area has direct impact on other areas. It is easy to place blame; it’s hard to act on constructive criticism.

About the Author:  Melanie DePaoli specializes in working with companies and organizations to improve their use of social media, internal and external communication, branding initiatives, and their relationship within the community. She is an internationally recognized author and national speaker. You can learn more about her at, or following her on Twitter @MelDepaoli.