Recently I read Shama’s “Why I Unfollowed Everyone on Twitter” post. By: Shama l Date: December 3, 2010

She recently unfollowed 16,100 people on Twitter and I applaud her for it. I have started to follow her unfollow lead…. Now, I’m not doing a mass dump of everyone like she did. However I have been in serious overwhelm trying to give attention to the over 5000 that I had been following – they are coming in at about 30 more before I’m done reading one. It really is a disservice to them and to me.

Of course, I’ve been using tools to help me keep it straight, my favorite is HootSuite, yet even with that I was being bombarded with stuff I really don’t care about, spammy, not useful and sometimes just plain rude or vile. So, it’s time to cull the herd. I immediately cut out 1000, I will continue to cut down to a manageable size and if I accidentally cut you out and would like me to re-follow you just let me know here or @ssayler.

Relationships are my passion and the key to being good at what we are doing is being able to be of service, yet when we are doing too much to be good at it, it’s time to change! More coming…. spending this week in reflection, reworking and remodeling – ahhh, it feels good to change things up sometimes.

Have a great day whatever your adventure


p.s. To read more about Shama and why she chose to unfollow everyone go to