Dear Friends,

I must admit, we are still full of sorrow here at Competitive Edge Communications. You see, I grew up just a few miles from the site of last Tuesday’s Clackamas mall shooting and still call Portland home.

To be honest, I spent the rest of last week in shock over the senseless mall shooting. Then, on Friday, upon hearing the horror of losing 20 children and 6 adults in Newtown, Connecticut, I couldn’t find the words to even begin expressing my feelings. I’ve spent a good deal of time sharing with friends and family — letting them know how much I care for them.

Today, I write this note to you to express how much you too are appreciated.

Thank you for being a part of my community and for your continued support of my work to bring respect-filled and conscious communication skills to others. Be sure and give your family and friends an extra hug today and always! Thank You.


Numerous experts are telling us that we must try to regain some sense of “normal”, and while a large part of me has been resistant to share information during this time of tragedy, this book, the launch special pricing and charitable donation is good for today and tomorrow only. Plus, it’s filled with inspirational interviews about courage and strength.

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Hugs and enjoy your adventures.

To Life! To Success!