Does reality shake you up?  Maybe it’s “Now or Never….”

Are you a “Hard-Headed Woman” or a mushy “Teddy Bear”?

Do you see life with “blue-suede shoes,” rose-colored glasses or green with envy?

Okay, I’m all played out of the Elvis Hit Tunes Titles….

“The thoughts you choose to dwell on move you through time. Resentful and [or] heartsick are emotions of the past. Worry and anxiety are about the future. Now is calm, satisfied, happy and passionate. Practicing joy and passion for, and, in the present moment is a release — a relief from forecasting in fear or frustration and reflecting with regret…” from my book Life’s Short. Live Passionately.

I recently read this thought-provoking-reality-poking blog post by my friend and fellow coach Mary Ann “Skipper” Masur Singer. She makes some fun points about how each of us chose the reality we want to see. She generously let me share it with you here on my blog.


Elvis may have left the building but he could be in your bed soon….

By Mary Ann “Skipper” Masur Singer

Elvis is still as popular as ever.

If you want a chance to sleep with him you can buy sheets with his likeness starting in September.

If you want to see [previously] unseen photos of him in his 20’s, Al Wertheimer has a new $700 coffee table book you can purchase. I recently saw an exhibit of his work depicting Elvis in his earliest days in 1956 as he was just becoming known.

Although these appeared to be “ordinary” scenes, they have become iconic. Wertheimer shot pictures of Elvis alone in a corner playing the piano, on a train to Memphis and at a soda fountain with a girl who he later kissed seductively.

Art, like life, is about choices.

We are given the same scene and subject as others. The perspective through which we tell it, (or the artist chooses to shoot it) is how we express ourselves. It is in choosing the details of what to include and what to leave out that shapes our images. When we tell people our life stories or share the latest event of the day, it is the filter of inclusion and omission that reveals our beliefs, values, and feelings.

Through which lens do you tend to shoot your stories?

  • Blame or Critical
  • Victim
  • Assuming positive intent
  • Or                           ?

Like Wertheimer, how do you take ordinary situations and convey the images? While they [your events] may not be on a coffee table or on sheets, they will leave a lasting image.



MaryAnnMary Ann Masur Singer, Executive Coach, and Creator of the SYNergy Success Coaching System works with teams and individuals who are overwhelmed at the helm to be effective and fulfilled. She helps teams get results by increasing their positivity and productivity. Mary Ann also speaks at conferences and keynotes and facilitates advances. Learn more about Mary Ann at




Choose your reality carefully.
You are a mirror for others. When you reflect happiness you will see happiness.