Gosh the first week of November already, I just realized it’s been awhile since I dropped you a note, so many things are happening here at Impression Engineers,  we’ve been working hard to create new and exciting stuff for all of you.

Just a little rant first:

Can we just get rid of just….

“Just” is just one of those words that just annoys me.  It is just so misused these days. It’s just used way to often. I was just writing a quick email to someone today—as I was re-reading before sending I noticed I had unconsciously just added the word “just,” and it just hit me!  How demeaning, no, just demeaning doesn’t quite describe it, condescending, well maybe not just condescending, patronizing maybe, well, really it is just so limiting. 

The actual word “JUST” doesn’t mean any of those ways I just used it. As an adjective it means to be guided by truth, reason, justice, and fairness and as an adverb it can mean within a brief preceding time, by a narrow margin or exactly.  So exactly why do we just misuse the word so often?  As a communicator it is incumbent on us to speak what we mean, without qualifiers. Wouldn’t life just be so much simpler if we just vanquished about 90% of the times we use the word “just?”

Okay – whew – glad that is off my chest.

Some of what we have been up to since my last note…we have a great Get More Clients through Social Media MasterMind group *f*r*ee to all of you every Monday at 10 to 11am Pacific. Come join us, share with us what is working for you and learn from others. To join in register at: https://sharonsayler.com/zyv. You only have to register one time, it’s good through the end of the year.

And this “just” in…exciting news! My new book was picked up by the publisher John Wiley and Sons. Due out in June 2010, What Your Body Says (And How to Change the Message) Inspire, Influence, Build Trust, and Create Lasting Business Relationships, is about we can communicate are message with congruence, confidence and clarity.

Popular today is the phrase “leading from influence,” this leading from influence primarily assumes influence from verbal communication. As we all know communication is about more than words. You can say one thing with your mouth, yet your body may contradict you— so let’s have our body match what our mouth says… To get to the next level in your career, you must communicate with your entire self.

It has the straight-up “how-to” on unifying what you say with what you do with your body, allowing you to connect with others on a whole new level and reach your full leadership potential. Watch here for more about new book and workshops (and the process of writing a book under a tight deadline!)

Have a great day whatever your adventure

To Success! To Life!



Our Radio Show Beyond Lip Service welcomes Pamela Harper this Tuesday November 10th.  Pamela Harper is founder and president of Business Advancement Inc., a professional speaker, and author of the critically acclaimed book Preventing Strategic Gridlock®. We will discuss “The Keys to Credible Communication.” For over 20 years, Pam has helped companies going through gut wrenching change to accelerate progress toward their objectives. She has been featured in a variety of popular media outlets, including Business Week, Entrepreneur, and Investor’s Business Daily, and her articles have been published in a wide range of trade and professional journals—it’s going to be a great interview. 

Join me this Tuesday 1:00 PM Eastern/10AM Pacific for Beyond Lip Service at



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