In the give and take of a relationship, are you ALL give?


Do you say “Yes” in an attempt to avoid the pain of saying “No?”


Do you wish you had more time, more respect and didn’t lie awake at night kicking yourself that everybody else’s priorities are more important?

Are Time “Vampires” Sucking Your Relationships?

Oh “NO!” Did your mouth just said, “yes” and inside your head you were screaming, “No! No!”? Now what?

Are You Sacrificing Sales or Sabotaging Your Career Just To Be Nice?

Are you losing sleep once again yourself asking, “Why do people have to be so demanding, so difficult?”

Why are their emergencies derailing my days (and nights) again?

You idiot, you fool… I should have seen it coming… what’s wrong with me?”

What makes me so gullible?

What a pickle! You have to say no to something. There just isn’t time. So you say no to sleep, exercise, or those understanding friends and family who once again are the ones you have to disappoint, all because you didn’t stand up for yourself.

Sound familiar?

  • Sucking Your RelationshipsYou are overwhelmed with demands that are made on you which have nothing to do with your job.
  • Someone tells you they will do something and they don’t do it so you once again have to pull an all-nighter.
  • Roles, responsibilities, and expectations aren’t clear.
  • Coworkers continually come to meetings late and/or meetings are unproductive.
  • People are disrespectful of your time, your work, and of YOU!
  • You find yourself trying to avoid certain people. Fear, mistrust and gossip rule the day.
  • People continually interrupt you in your office when you’ve told them not to do so.
  • You work very late hours at the expense of your family or friends and your own mental and physical well-being.

Relationships at work, and with family or friends are never simple, are they? But one thing they shouldn’t be is consistently stressful. Are you living with the fear of “what are they going to dump on me next?”

Isn’t it time to stop shrinking in response to someone else’s insults, demands and down-right inexcusable behavior?

How will it change when you have the courage to say no and stand strong without having to get nasty or angry. It’s entirely possible. In fact, it’s not even particularly difficult when you know the verbal and nonverbal secrets to successfully deal with difficult people.

Make April 13th the day you start the New You! Get Your Life Back Without Damaging Relationships, Sacrificing Sales or Sabotaging Your Career

Sucking Your RelationshipsStop allowing the rudeness of others to become your problem. Stop fading away, wondering how you are going to make yet another “little request” work.

Join me, Sharon Sayler, founder of Competitive Edge Communications for a special small-group (12 max) hands-on, one-day workshop to get control of your life back.

Look, I know from personal experience just how difficult it can be to overcome boundary issues without outside help. On April 13th, I’ll walk you through how to stop getting mad with yourself or others and instead how to set priorities and boundaries with ease and grace.

  • You will leave with conviction, courage and calm, not hesitancy, aggression and fear.
  • You will once and for all feel in control of your time, your talent and your life.

Just think of what the inability to set boundaries has cost you so far in deadlines being missed, important work not getting done, poor communication, decreased teamwork, hurt feelings, increased stress and relationships lost — maybe even a high loss-rate in your personal relationships too.

Refuse to give the demanding, hurtful people of this world any of your personal power by joining me in Manhattan on April 13th for this small group (limit 12), hands-on, one-day workshop to learn the art of saying no, so others know you mean business, know you care and you are not going to do what they ‘demand’ you do.

These are techniques that you can immediately use to comfortably say “No” and find the best in myself and others and communicate with confidence.

You will leave this one-day workshop knowing the essential communication skills to:

  • Know how to say “no” with ease. Imagine feeling comfortable and in control speaking to anyone about anything without conflict.
  • Build permission, safety and trust in relationships without saying a word by using proven techniques of gesture, posture, and voice to increase your influence and rapport.
  • Systematically reinforce consistent and fair parameters while preserving your relationships, regardless of unique situations, personality styles or cultural backgrounds.

These are soft-skill that immediately produce hard and fast results.

You will have in hand well-defined, simple and easy-to-implement techniques. Isn’t it time to find the courage and belief in yourself?

Make April 13th the start of a new way of being by working hands-on with me in a very small group. The small group is powerful because you will be surround by people struggling just like you to set boundaries that people respect and relationships they want. Small groups leverage the knowledge and experience of many minds and more years of been-there, done-that to give you greater clarity about boundaries, dealing with anger with confidence, saying no with comfort, knowing how to say yes when you want to, and having the techniques and a plan to set boundaries and achieve your goals faster and with less effort is what you need to be doing now, grab your opportunity now as it is one-day only – this April 13th.

Choose to


Remember, there will only be 12 spaces available so register now – it’s super easy with my “Easy-To-Work-With” approach – just see below…. I am dedicated to your success and I know you can do this… so to spend one-on-one time with you I’m limiting this class to twelve.



Date April 13th, 2013
Time 8am – 3pm Working Lunch included
Location Mid-town Manhattan – NESC 55 West 39th Street 12 Floor New York, NY 10018
I’ll make it super simple for you.

The early bird investment is US$397.


This is a $300 early bird discount from the normal price of US$697 and only applies until March 27, 2013.

All registrations after March 27, 2013 will be at the standard investment of US$697. As per my ‘Easy To Work With’ coaching principle, you can register right now using the red REGISTER NOW button above, right now, to confirm your place on April 13th and pay with a credit card.

Now is a great time to step to the edge of your comfort zone and bust through to finally feel how freeing it is to set boundaries without damaging relationships, sacrificing sales or sabotaging your career.

Enjoying the adventure together,

To Success!

Sharon Sayler, MBA, ACC, CEC

P.S. Isn’t it finally time you conquered it once and for all? And if you want some backup, some support, some temporary permission, I have it. I believe in you even if you don’t yet.

What other professional women are saying about working with Sharon:

“Never have I been made so aware of precisely who I am and the countenance I present when communicating at a professional level, with immediate effect my life changed and significantly for the better. There are other coaches and techniques but none stand by comparison to the teaching of Sharon!” ~Efrat Cohen L.P.I., C.I.T.R.M.S, President, Global Intelligence Consultants


“…Sharon helped me with a short presentation I had to give. Her keen observation coupled with her understanding of non-verbal communication translates into a powerful coaching style that is both direct yet gentle. I would highly recommend her services to anyone committed to excellence. Her area of expertise is very unique and critical to anyone who presents or does public speaking.” ~Tricia Neves, President, San Diego, CA

“Your approach worked like a charm! It was fabulous having a very easy mental “flow chart” directing me what path to choose in speaking with them after a brief introduction…” ~Debbie Cason, Manager of Client Services, Macroeconomic Advisers


“I want to thank you so much. I have become more aware of my body language and now consciously try to correct myself with your useful tips. You have impacted me much more than you may have realized. I really feel as if you have helped guide me towards a better career path that is aligned with my ultimate goal: owning a wellness retreat. Thank you again!” ~ Naomi Mariano

“Sharon, Chris and I are amazed that those simple changes can make of world of difference in how we communicate. Thank you.” ~ C. Cannella