One of the best ways to get the word out about your small business and what you do is through speaking and demonstrating. Yet, the very idea of speaking in public strikes fear into the heart of many people.  Some literally are afraid they will show up and throw up. I know I use to be one of those people who felt moments from fainting each time I had to speak in public. A 30-second introduction at a networking event got my heart racing, my mind to go blank and 30-seconds felt like hours.

Many people are surprised to learn that I used to be terrified to speak even to a small group. Until I learned, one surprisingly quick and easy cure for the physical responses my mind and body was creating. I’m kicking myself now, because honestly I didn’t believe that this one thing would make such a profound difference not only to my responses, but with the audience response to me as well.  It is all because I finally trusted these two words of advice.

Remember – BREATHE.

Before you begin to speak, concentrate on your breathing by taking several deep breaths and focus the inhale with the word “confidence” in your mind then exhale all the tension.

As you begin your speech, remind yourself to continue to breathe low and completely.

If you find yourself forgetting words, adding filler words such as “uhs” and “ahs” or spacing out on parts of your message, you are breathing too quickly. Slow down. Pause and breathe. The new oxygen to the brain will clear the mind and allow you to start fresh.

HELPFUL HINT:  I often carry a marker in my left hand and have the left forearm parallel to the ground resting across my abdomen just below my navel. This arm placement is a conscious reminder for me to monitor my breathing. If I am breathing low and completely, the forearm will move in and out as I breathe.  (I carry the marker to have something to do with my hand; it’s not necessary to carry it.)  I’ve made a pdf of a poster I have on my wall to remind me to breathe, you can download the pdf poster to remind you too if you like.


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Have a great day whatever your adventure

To Success! To Life!


p.s. Today was World Take a Breath Day.  Who knew a day was dedicated to breathing. It’s good to do it everyday…..  even when we aren’t speaking in public.