Sarah shared with us the “3-S’s” of communication. They are give it to them

straight–no backstory or ;

simply–no apology or disclaimer;

with a smile–from your place of love and empathy.



Sarah Anand Anma has had years of experience researching, recording, and ultimately IMPLEMENTING the best techniques to optimize her relationships. From romantic to family, platonic to business, she has transformed her interactions with others to heart-centered and mutually beneficial connections.

Born from a desire to have the power to choose to act compassionately rather than react instinctively, she continues to gather all of the best teachings and integrate them into her own life and her practice. Sarah has executed these practices in her marriage, her family life, with friends and colleagues.

Sarah is highly intuitive and works with each individual as their specific needs determine. She offers very simple tools for shifting perspective that have profound results for both singles and couples.

She joined me on Beyond Lip Service where we focus on taking Action in Life. Go beyond just giving lip service to what we want to do! Every Tuesday at 10am Pacific join Sharon Sayler as we go beyond lip service.