Best Impressions Newsletter

Things happen – growth is optional.

I am so tired of the hand-wringing and the “sky is falling” in the media—creating “brick walls” that are really only of thought and flesh… We can stand at that wall and give our time, our energy, and in turn, our power away in worry or we can look through it with open curiosity to discover solutions. Those that stay staring at the wall dwell on the failure, the winner visualizes through, around, over, and under the wall to discover the solutions. This may sound trite, but it is true — winning begins with the thought, the belief that you will win.
Do not give your power away.

Thoughts are real–they have energy and power behind them. Thoughts move us, for better or worse. Preoccupying your thoughts with solutions and the “happily ever-after” endings is a do-it-yourself project. There are people who can instruct, encourage, and coach you, but the success depends on you.

This rant started this morning when I read (in addition to my live coaching I do email coaching) from a highly competent, qualified, intelligent person…“Oh, I do embrace this intention and I want it…” Not to be rude, but how can you “want” something you already have? JUST CLAIM IT! Coaches, friends, and family can give you ideas, pointers, and tips on being more effective in what to do. How you do it, when you do it and if you do it is up to you…

As I finish writing this to you, I reflect on my dear friend Wil Hart’s wisdom ( I’m paraphrasing, so forgive me Wil… When you are a business owner, there is no difference between your business and your life. You’re right Wil… You better love what you do. You better believe in what you do. You better stand for what you do. (If those last 3 sentences don’t resonate, consider: Am I doing the right thing for me?)

I refuse to relinquish my power over myself and my outcomes.
Enjoy the adventure
To Success! To Life!


p.s. Not long ago, I received a voice mail from someone that recognized themselves in one of my writings… It went something like: “Hello Sharon, I wonder, just wonder… who you could have written about today…” They were a good sport about it especially since I never mention names or anything else to identify individuals… To all my friends and clients, I know you sometimes recognize yourself, thanks for being a great sport and being the beacon for growth we all can reflect and learn with.