I’m still on the road, this week in South Florida, finishing up with my private Diamond clients, speaking for NESC of South Florida and working with members of WEL (Women Executive Leadership.) I’m off tomorrow to appear on TV in Manhattan! Tune in to Coach Chat TV at 8pm eastern. More about that below in the p.p.s..

After the TV interview, I’ll be spending the rest of the week in Manhattan and in New Haven at the Yale School of Management. I was just looking at my calendar and noticed I have a couple of one-to-one live coaching spots available on Thursday in Manhattan and a couple opportunities Friday and Saturday in New Haven.  If you would like to have a live one-to-one session with me and are in the “neighborhood” next week, drop Christine a note at Connect at SharonSayler.com and she will get you the details.

As cool as all my travels are, at times, especially after a missed connection or another “tapioca chicken” airline meal, you can start to question your WHY…. Then destiny steps in and once again passion generates more passion.

When I get passionate emails like this one after my trip to Houston last week it ups my passion ten-fold.  “My name is Fred Fulcher, you may not remember me.  However, we met briefly at Presentation Power! My friend and I were the two young African Americans who were rocketing questions at you! I wanted to send you a HUGE thank you for taking a few minutes and giving me some great advice! It has already transformed my life…!”  ~ Frederick M. Fulcher Jr., CEO http://www.marcoledesigngroup.com

So, Why Should You Care About Why?

Many people may know what you do if they were to give you a label; “Oh, John, he’s a mortgage broker,” “Yes, Jane is a life coach,” and a small number may know how you do what you do; yet it’s really knowing YOUR WHY that makes you different from all competitors.

Clarity about your WHY brings a passion to your voice and nonverbals when you tell others what you do.  People connect with passion. When people connect at your WHY (mission/passion) level you turn prospects into clients and clients into evangelists.

Yet, as a business executive coach, I’ve seen that sometimes the question “What are you passionate about?” can be tough to answer. Some people simply can’t answer it.

I’ve found in my coaching that when I rephrase the passion question to a series of questions based around, “What are you building?” many find it easier to answer.

So, if you are still looking for your WHY grab a pencil and paper and start answering….

  1. What are you building?
  2. Why does it need to exist?
  3. What value do you bring to solve these problems?
  4. Who do you feel compelled to serve?
  5. What difference do you think you (or your business) makes in your community (or world)?

Be specific and show your WHY. Sprinkle in a few emotional-invoking words.
Example: I’m on a mission to help executives construct meaningful relationships. As a behavioral communications expert and founder of Competitive Edge Communications, I support leaders in becoming confident communicators by developing an understanding of their verbal and nonverbal communications. I show them how to use words to change minds and behaviors to change outcomes.

Once you have YOUR WHY, share it in the comment section.

Enjoy the Adventure

p.s. I’m in Salt Lake City, Utah Feb 8-12. If you would like a one-to-one coaching session in Salt Lake drop Christine a note at Connect at SharonSayler.com.

p.p.s. Coach Chat TV: This coming Monday January 30th (tomorrow) I will be the guest on Coach World TV. Sponsored by ICF-NYC. A weekly television show like no other that promotes the field of coaching!

Coach World TV is a popular prime time live cable TV show in Manhattan that airs on Monday nights at 8:00pm on the following channels:

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Coach World TV can also be viewed on the Internet at: www.mnn.org.  Tune-in we are going to have fun!!