As I mentioned in my last post, I’m spending the New Year in Normandy at a Chateau. Some of you have asked to see, so below is a picture of the south side of the Chateau, off in the far background to the right, is the Seine River.

This Chateau has seen hundreds of years of history. Some more recent history (in terms of the Chateau) is the 4 center columns still have bullets holes from when the German SS took over the Chateau and the Scots came over the hill and drove them all to their deaths into the Seine River at the liberation of France or so the story goes….. They’ve repaired many of the mortar and bullet holes, but wanted to leave a few for the sake of the “history” of the place.

As I always say enjoy the adventure.

Two great opportunities I’ve discovered this adventure…. Recommendations

I had no idea I would be spending New Year’s Eve with cookbook and lifestyle author Jane Webster at her home the Chateau de Bosgouet and a group of her friends. I’m glad I jumped at the opportunity! Ms. Webster is a charming host. She prepared a marvelous multi-course dinner for a “small” gathering. I put small in quotes, for me, I would have been overwhelmed with the number of dinner guests, but Jane made it look flawless. The dinner was fantastic.

As well as being a charming host, amazing cook and an accomplished author, Jane runs an unique culinary school / home stay experience known as “The French Table” from the Chateau de Bosgouet. I spoke with several at the party that had attended The French Table and it sounds absolutely thrilling. It now goes on my “To Do Soon” list.  More about Jane, her books and cookery school can be found at

Another fabulous find is (tea) Thé Des Imressionnistes. I found it at the delightful “thé” (tea) shop Mariage Freres.  I admit, I can be a tea snob, but I just can’t get enough of this one. The scents alone in this shop are worth a trip, but if you can’t make it to the shop(s), do check out their site if you are or know a tea snob.

Enjoy your adventure wherever it may take you.

To Success! To Life!