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Does leading your team make you think that herding jello would be easier?
Maybe you knew you wanted to be a transformational leader but now the only thing being transformed is your blood pressure.
Worse yet, maybe you aren’t “really the leader” so what can you do other than sit there and sizzle….

I know, I hear you, I’ve been there too. Over the years I’ve both been on teams, lead teams and facilitated many a meeting and the one thing I can count on coming up time and again is personality conflicts. These conflicts are not outright fist-to-cuffs, yet personality conflicts produce a simmering and stewing underneath the surface…..

Wow, can you believe it – it’s hard for me to believe that it’s been one year! A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone for making it one amazing ride – What Your Body Says (and how to master the message) hit the bookstores one year ago. Happy Birthday (or is it Anniversary), what a difference a year can make!

On November 4th, What Your Body Says and how to master the message was part of the fund-raiser for the charity Acts of Love for Autism Speaks. A Literary and Musical Celebration of those who make a Difference in Our Community Acts of Love: Parenthood is a very special, one night only, original theatrical WordTheatre® […]

My friend Jan Hoistad, relationship coach extraordinaire, has a great blog post today on Six Tips To Make The Holidays A Shared Experience   (Link: One of her tips is Hang a new ornament. Create rituals specific to yourselves as a couple such as an evening devoted to preparing a special meal, hanging those new […]

No, this isn’t some new form of WiFi or Internet reception, it’s one of the major rules most people live by, even if they deny it in public…. We do it too…. I’m sure it comes as no surprise, but most people live by the “What’s In It For Me Rule” (WIIFM). Let’s face it, […]

Good question vs. right question Want to hear instead of read this post? [audio:|titles=episode-108 The Right Questions] …The election is almost here and I really am tired of it all. Are you?  More than once I heard a politician say “Good question” but honestly, maybe it was a good but was it the Right Question? […]

How can I make you smile today? I called a local company the other day to make an appointment… The woman that answered had a smile on her face… even over the phone, I could just tell. She made me smile by not only her friendly pattern, but what she said, “Thanks for call ‘X’. […]

Always encouraging to get positive feedback on What Your Body Says (and how to master the message)! Take a look at this review from B Tripp… Have a wonderful day whatever your adventure Sharon   Here’s one of those “surprises” that came in from the folks at Wiley (helllooo, FTC). When this first came in, […]

Excited to see positive review of What Your Body Says. Here’s an interview/review from The Job Stalker of the Chicago Tribune. Enjoy!   Every once in a while I’ll be surprised by a book, and this was one of those cases.  This came in from Wiley a couple of weeks back, and my first thought […]

Double your money, double your success! Our guests on Beyond Lip Service  (#BlogTalkRadio – July 20th are a powerful double duo who have teamed up to bring a cutting edge process to create real breakthroughs in money and increase your business. Nan Akasha, CHT is a hypnotherapist, a Spiritual Money Attraction & Wealth Creation […]