Take a moment and breathe it all in

Take a few moments right now ……….

Enjoy this morning’s sunrise.

Focus only on your deep breathing, nothing else.


Take a moment and breathe it all in

Emanuel from the Netherlands wrote me after the show to say he had enjoyed all the amazing tips Marla and I talked about, but was wondering where to start? I know when you want to try everything at once, it can feel overwhelming…. Take a moment and….

Ask Sharon: When is an introvert not an introvert?

“… I find that my job of the last many years has forced me to become introverted and just accept what is given to me here at the office. I fear that I have become reactive instead of active and that I can only change back to myself after I leave the office doors. Is there a way to find some balance between introverted/extroverted at the office where you don’t lose yourself?
Lost…please help….”