Get ready to captivate others!!! with new Amazon best-seller book Ready, Aim Captivate

Today, is launch day for her new book, Ready, Aim Captivate! Put Magic in Your Message and a Fortune in Your Future. It features the insights of people who have pushed the boundaries, broken the rules, and changed the game to get their message out into the world, including world class personal growth leaders like Deepak Chopra and Ran Zilca. I was honored when she asked to interview me because the purpose of Ready, Aim Captivate! is to encourage you to share your special message and find the courage and resilience to rise to the top of your field; who could say no to that!?

Are you a Thought Leader?

Okay, we hear the two words: THOUGHT LEADER everywhere nowadays…. When you think of the term thought leader, what comes to mind? That “always-accurate” source Wikipedia defines thought leader as: “A thought leader is business jargon for an entity that is recognized for having innovative ideas.” On the surface that’s fairly accurate, but what does it take to be a thought leader? For me, the foundation to be a thought leader is the ability to think critically. Nowadays, I look around and wonder if it’s a lost skill!

Dr. Liz Alexander and co-author Craig Badings, share how to become a thought leader in your industry from their latest book: #Thought Leadership Tweet: 140 Prompts for Designing and Executing an Effective Thought Leadership Campaign (THiNKaha Books).

The Victory Went To The Storyteller in Tonight’s Debate

All in all, Obama was the clear winner connecting with the audience. Obama’s skill as a storyteller and his comfortable deep breathing elicited confidence. His skillful use of the pause, made his message the one remembered. Romney, on the other hand, never consistently connected with the audience. His lack of pausing, his shallow breathing and small gestures undermined his message.

How presidential should a VP look?

A client called the other day and said she missed seeing what ‘Sharon’ had to say on the debates—the VP debate to be precise…. I shared with her that while some were entertained during the VP debates, I, for one, was not. I have absolutely no patience for rude people! There, I said it.

Body Language is a game changer

We’re Seeing Body Language Is A Game-Changer

Will Biden be ready to command attention to counterbalance the lackluster Obama performance? Will his gestures will be large and his delivery style forceful, reminiscent of an old-time preacher?

Will Ryan be ready with equal energy to respond to a fiery delivery? Can he encapsulate his facts and figures into a compelling strategic vision, to counteract an argument that evokes strong emotion?

Try Your Dreams On For Size

Just as a magician pulls a rabbit out of a hat, I always thought it intriguing, and wouldn’t it be wonderful to have an “endless supply of rabbits…” but I’ve never completely understood the trick…. Most manifestation books I’ve read hold very little real “how do I make it work for me” techniques.

In Cara Lumen’s new book, How To Read The Signs and Signals That Help You Build Your Business From Your Inside Out I have found a short, yet jam-packed book with techniques, tips and secrets that really work. It is a practical guide for not only business building, but all of life.

You never know what adventure awaits

“Life is either a grand adventure or nothing” ~ Helen Keller
I had no idea I would be spending New Year’s Eve with cookbook and lifestyle author Jane Webster at her home the Chateau de Bosgouet and a group of her friends. I’m glad I jumped at the opportunity! Ms. Webster is a charming host. She prepared a marvelous multi-course dinner for a “small” gathering….

Does leading your team make you think that herding jello would be easier?

Does leading your team make you think that herding jello would be easier?
Maybe you knew you wanted to be a transformational leader but now the only thing being transformed is your blood pressure.
Worse yet, maybe you aren’t “really the leader” so what can you do other than sit there and sizzle….

I know, I hear you, I’ve been there too. Over the years I’ve both been on teams, lead teams and facilitated many a meeting and the one thing I can count on coming up time and again is personality conflicts. These conflicts are not outright fist-to-cuffs, yet personality conflicts produce a simmering and stewing underneath the surface…..